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[ Profile ]
Male or Female:Female
Date of Birth:25.09.88
Hair:Short Brown/Red
Current Occupation:Cleaner...grr
Hobbies:Music, Movies, Art.
Dreams:To join the Navy

[ In depth ]
Likes:good humour(I love to laugh), colour, the sea, music, art, movies, stars.
Dislikes:vanity, ill humour, crude humour, bitching about people, summer.
Strong Points:music and writing
Weak Points:maths and patience
Describe yourseft in 3 words:even tempered, graceful and modest

[ Favorites ]
Favorite Color:Blue and Green
Favorite Animal:Cheetah
Favotire Sport:Tennis or Hockey
Favorite Season:Winter
Favorite Fruit:Apples
Favorite Flavor:chocolate
Favorite Smell:the sea or vera wang princess
Favorite Element:water

[ FF Questions ]
Favorite Final Fantasy and why?ff 8, good memories, just sitting watching my brother playing it or me playing it and having a laugh, I loved the characters and the story. and the GFs rocked.
Favorite FF Character and why?Rhinoa or Quistis, I thought they were both beautiful and when I was younger I wanted to be them.
Any FF Character you dislike?There isn't any that I dislike all that much.

[ Photos ] (please no more than 3 photos and no cosplay pics! If you don't have photos, please make a brief description of your appearance.)

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The Describe-Yourself-In-Three-Words section made me intstantly think of Yuna, although Rinoa could be a good choice, too!