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[ Profile ]
Name: Jay
Male or Female: Male
Date of Birth: 10-28-82
Sign: Scorpio
Nationality: English
Hair: brown/dark brown
Eyes: blue
Current Occupation: Job hunting
Hobbies: Final Fantasy, reading,
paranormal research and investigation
Dreams: Just to be happy with the person I care most about.

[ In depth ]
Likes: thunder storms, dragons, plain food, classical music, heavy metal music.
Dislikes: Most of the public, elitists,
Strong Points: good listener, loyal.
Weak Points: swearing in public, paranoia
Describe yourseft in 3 words: sense of humor, dedicated, shy.

[ Favorites ]
Favorite Color: Dark blue, dark red, silver.
Favorite Animal: Wolf (Dragon if mythical counts)
Favotire Sport: baseball
Favorite Season: Winter
Favorite Fruit: Banana
Favorite Flavor: Orange juice/stuff
Favorite Smell: Ocean
Favorite Element: Water

[ FF Questions ]
Favorite Final Fantasy and why? Final Fantasy IV. I really enjoyed the game when I was a kid even though it was the edited easy-type, the story really stuck with me. Playing it later in this day and age it's still my favorite, probably always will be.
Favorite FF Character and why? Kain Highwind; as a kid he just stood out to me, I'd never seen a character with his abilities in an RPG game before. Being a big fan of Dragons at the time helped too. Anything else would be spoilers, but to this day he is the reason why I play as a Dragoon on FFXI.

Any FF Character you dislike? Cait Sith, mostly just annoying and while I know that anyone in FFVII can become a 9999 damage dealer he just.. blah didn't like him. Also the whole traitor thing and all that.

Only one pic..

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