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[ Profile ]
Name: Emma
Age: 14
Male or Female: Female
Date of Birth: December 31st
Sign: Capricorn
Nationality: American
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Bloodtype: Don't know
Current Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Drawing, writing, reading, listening to music, playing video games, going online, watching tv
Dreams: Learn to play the guitar (which I'll do, assuming the class won't be taken), learn German, travel to Europe, become an artist/historian/writer, maybe try to form a band

[ In depth ]
Likes: music (black/death metal, ambient, classical, power metal, thrash metal), dragons, fantasy, the occult, history, Medieval Europe, Ancient Rome, Ancient Egypt, Victorian Age, Renaissance, vampires, the afternoon, dusk, dawn, mountains, hills, alone time, bishounen, changing accents (my favorites are the German and British accents)
Dislikes: preps, emos, rap/hip-hop, people who don't care, being stared at, wearing a dress/skirt, sexists
Strong Points: I'm good at my academics and open to other cultures. I have a fair sense of humor and I usually help out whenever someone asks me to help. I can defend my position or opinion on something quite well. I'm somewhat analytical and analyze a problem very carefully before I make any further decisions. I am enthusiastic about topics or things that I like and I try not to give up. I sound like a lawyer, don't I? lol
Weak Points: I can be quite stubborn sometimes and my temper flares easily. I can't take a personal joke directed at me. More often than not, I don't speak up for myself. I don't really trust anyone enough, which is why I have few friends. I'm pretty sensitive to other people's criticism. I also consider myself to have too much pride. I procrastinate a lot and I suck at math.
Describe yourself in 3 words: quiet, temperamental, cynical

[ Favorites ]
Favorite Color: faded turquoise
Favorite Animal: Wolf
Favorite Sport: Basketball or hockey
Favorite Season: Spring
Favorite Fruit: Avocado XD
Favorite Flavor: Strawberry
Favorite Smell: Grapes, shea cashmere body lotion (it reminds me of something warm and toasty), blood (don't ask, I don't know the answer)
Favorite Element: Darkness

[ FF Questions ]
Favorite Final Fantasy and why? FFXII. It was the first one I ever played and I have grown to love it very much. Like many FF games, it's got a lot of side quests to keep you occupied for a long time. The ambient scenery and music is also soothing.
Favorite FF Character and why? Sephiroth 'cause he's awesome XDD He's got really long hair and his background information is very interesting.
Any FF Character you dislike? I can't think of any one of them that I hate, so no.

[ Photos ] (please no more than 3 photos and no cosplay pics! If you don't have photos, please make a brief description of your appearance.)
None at the moment, sorry.
My hair is straight, jet black, and reaches down to the end of my stomach. It is kind of curly at the ends. My bangs reach down to my chin and they're sweeped aside from my face. I'm 5'2.
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