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[ Profile ]
Name: Margaret
Age: Nineteen
Male or Female: Female (but please don't let this limit your vote choice. female or male votes are great with me)
Date of Birth: 14.06.09
Sign: Gemini...nothing like me.
Nationality: American
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Light blue
Bloodtype: AB+ (I think...I can't really remember...)
Current Occupation: Student/traveler
Hobbies: linguistics, music (both listening to and performing/recording), foreign languages, constructing worlds/cultures/languages (aka conlanging), traveling, exploring, reading, writing, metalsmithing, puzzles/logic games, cryptograms.
Dreams: Finish my degree in linguistics, get into UCLA for graduate school, make money, travel the world with my SO.

[ In depth ]
Likes: Linguistics, music, intelligent conversation, computers, gardens, alcohol, anthropology, museums, perfume, knives, tea, candy, maps, puzzles.
Dislikes: Walking for hours in the sun, hot weather, dry climates, crowds, people, noise, people talking, the sounds of cars, lawnmowers, fast food, conservative politicians, ignorance, abuse.
Strong Points: Open-minded, intelligent, strong-minded, independent, just.
Weak Points: Sometimes cold, withdrawn, unresponsive, bitchy, cynical, controlling, hypersensitive to physical things, irritable.
Describe yourseft in 3 words: Intense, intelligent, creative.

[ Favorites ]
Favorite Color: Black and purple.
Favorite Animal: Cats and chipmunks.
Favotire Sport: Archery.
Favorite Season: Autumn.
Favorite Fruit: Raspberry.
Favorite Flavor: Blueberry ice cream.
Favorite Smell: The smell of petrol.
Favorite Element: Ice?

[ FF Questions ]
Favorite Final Fantasy and why? FFVI, because I enjoyed the characters and plot. Also, the system was a little more complex than lots of the games before that yet wasn't ridiculously hard to work with.
Favorite FF Character and why? Setzer and Shadow from FFVI. I cannot say for sure why. It was interesting to see how the misfortunes in their pasts (which were not too dissimilar) affected them in different ways.
Any FF Character you dislike? Nnn. Rikku. Just annoying...

[ Photos ] Photobucket

Thank you. :3
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