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[Profile ]
Name: shannen.
Male or Female: female.
Date of Birth: 04021992.
Sign: aries.
Nationality: amurrricun. heh.
Hair: dark.
Eyes: blueish.
Bloodtype: noooo ideaaaa.
Current Occupation: UNEMPLOYED WHOOHOO!
Hobbies: painting/drawing/photography, gaming, theatahhh, trying not to be a fatty. :)
Dreams: get out of this town and start a totally new adventure. maybe find a cute guy to hang around with for a while but if that doesn't happen then that's totally cool.

[ In depth ]
Likes: art, music, dancing, singing, musicals, meaningful conversations, indie movies, old photos, sugar, caffeinated beverages, games (electronic and regular ones), summer nights where it's pleasantly warm and still really sunny, rainy nights, thrift stores, attempting to dance/play soccer. :)
Dislikes: umm...hmm..good question. people who are constantly obnoxious/immature, excessive angst, and narrowminded douchebags.
Strong Points: carefree, expressive, legit, positive, upbeat.
Weak Points: awkward/shy around unfamiliar people, somewhat conceited, attention seeker.
Describe yourseft in 3 words: i. don't. know.

[ Favorites ]
Favorite Color: red.
Favorite Animal: zebra.
Favotire Sport: dance, soccer, FLOOR HOCKEYYYY. :D haha.
Favorite Season: not winter.
Favorite Fruit: anythingggg. mm.
Favorite Flavor: coffee!
Favorite Smell: cofffeeee. haha. and vanilla.
Favorite Element: air/wind.

[ FF Questions ]
Favorite Final Fantasy and why? FFX. Pretty CG sequences, amazing music, SPHERE GRID and the lead character isn't totally angsty.
Favorite FF Character and why? Tidus. He's always positive even when things are hard, and you really get to see him mature through the game. He seems more realistic than the other FF characters. If he was real, i'd chill with him. :)
Any FF Character you dislike? Lulu. She's really boring. :/ heh. And I'm not too big of a fan of Cloud. He needs to get over himself.

[ Photos ]

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