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Final Fantasy Rating

Let destiny choose your true self...

Final Fantasy Rating Community
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This community is about an RPG series called Final Fantasy owned by Square-Enix, just like all characters mentioned here.
Like any other rating community, this is where you fill out a survey and other members vote on which Final Fantasy character you most resemble, then you get stamped based on the majority.

You'll be stamped when you get 3 votes! If there is a tie, we'll wait till your "destiny is decided".. Once stamped, please upload image to your own server, no hotlinking allowed!

Founder and Moderator: darkicelady
Moderators: mizunotohru

Listed at: stamping_comms

Community Rules
~ No flaming, insulting, rudeness and that kind of stuff!
~ Please write in english, so everyone can understand.
~ Respect moderators' decisions! If you flame one mod, you'll be banned!

Posting Rules
~ In order to post, you need to join the community!
~ Please write "Destiny.." in the subject line of your application, to prove you've read this.
~ The survey and pictures must be behind a lj-cut.
~ Post no more than 3 clear pictures of yourself.
~ Cosplay photos are NOT allowed! You may post your cosplay pics 'after' being stamped!
~ Do not use LJ icons with a character in them.
~ You may only apply ONE time.

Voting Rules
~ Like I said, no flaming, rudeness and insulting here!
~ Even if you haven't been stamped yet, you can vote on anyone.
~ Try and keep it to 1 or 2 choices and bold your votes.
~ Optional: Give a little explaination as to why you chose the character you're giving someone.

Here's the Survey, fill out the survey as much as possible!

[ Profile ]
Male or Female:
Date of Birth:
Current Occupation:

[ In depth ]
Strong Points:
Weak Points:
Describe yourseft in 3 words:

[ Favorites ]
Favorite Color:
Favorite Animal:
Favotire Sport:
Favorite Season:
Favorite Fruit:
Favorite Flavor:
Favorite Smell:
Favorite Element:

[ FF Questions ]
Favorite Final Fantasy and why?
Favorite FF Character and why?
Any FF Character you dislike?

[ Photos ] (please no more than 3 photos and no cosplay pics! If you don't have photos, please make a brief description of your appearance.)

~ Character List
~ Stamped Members
~ Promotion banners and buttons!

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