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[ Profile ]
Name:   Bas de Voogt
Age:   14 years old
Male or Female:   Male
Date of Birth:     30-05-1993
Sign: none
Nationality:   Holland
Hair:   Blonde
Eyes:   Blue
Bloodtype: I dunno
Current Occupation:
Hobbies:   Playing the piano, drawing, gaming and being with my friends
Dreams:   To become the greatest in something

[ In depth ]
Likes:   People you can trust and who are there for you
Dislikes:    Boring people and who talks to much
Strong Points:    artistic, honest, silly, helpfull, friendly, hopeless romantic

Weak Points:   insecure, having trouble saying no, insolent, shy, rude.
Describe yourseft in 3 words:   uncertain, creative and ....

[ Favorites ]
Favorite Color:   Black, is not a color
Favorite Animal:   Dog
Favotire Sport:   Jiu-jistu
Favorite Season:   Spring
Favorite Fruit:   Pineapple
Favorite Flavor:   sweet and spicy
Favorite Smell:   Bakery
Favorite Element: Air

[ FF Questions ]
Favorite Final Fantasy and why? FFVII, be
cause it has the greatest story and also the saddest one.
Favorite FF Character and why? Cloud Strife, because I completely understand how he thinks and feels
Any FF Character you dislike?   Yuffy, because she is such a overjoyed girl.

[ Photos ]

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